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Four ways with slow cooked pork

By November 18, 2020May 13th, 2024No Comments

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Brooke Evans-ButlerFreelance Journalist

I slow-cooked a leg of pork and turned it into four completely different dinners for the week (and the kids loved them all).

I always like to try new recipes when I can, because, like so many busy families, we often get stuck in a rut of cooking the same old favourites – but then after a while, everyone gets tired of the same bolognaise, tacos or stir-fry.

Until recently, pork was a meat that I rarely cooked. Not because I didn’t think it was delicious (it was something I usually ordered at restaurants) but because I was in the routine of cooking the same meals, introducing new recipes was something I didn’t have the energy to do in case the family didn’t like it.

It was a chance coffee with a friend that made the difference. I walked into her house to the most delicious smell and had to know what she was cooking.

“Oh – it’s just a leg of pork! It is so easy. I just throw it in the slow cooker with a drizzle of olive oil and salt,” she told me.

That weekend I tried it for myself and after slow cooking pork to its mouth-watering perfection, it soon became a new household favourite. But determined not to make one more ‘old favourite’ dish, I made four dishes out of the leg of pork:

Pulled pork sliders
So easy and so yummy! I simply bought some
Brioche slider rolls and made some coleslaw. One child had the pork with coleslaw, and the other slathered the pork with apple sauce. Both demolished dinner and asked for seconds. Winning.

Pork and salad bowls
This was a mid-week solution and a great way to get in a large serve of vegetables. I simply chopped up a selection of salad and the family served themselves from a salad platter, warm pulled pork and a selection of sauces and dressings. Each family member was able to customise their pork and salad bowls and it was an easy, no-fuss and oh-so-healthy dinner.

Pork and pumpkin curry
My family love curry – and it is usually a chicken or vegetarian dish, so this was the perfect opportunity to mix up a family favourite. I roasted some pieces of pumpkin and added them to the pork, along with some chickpeas and a mild korma sauce. Served with rice and naan bread, it actually made enough to feed the family for two nights.

Pulled pork pie
Coming to the end of the week, I wanted something that was easy but hearty and comforting. I chopped up the shredded pork into smaller pieces and added the meat to some potato, pumpkin and onion in a pan. Once all golden and smelling delicious, I added some gravy and baked the pork and vegetable filling into a pie. It was another hit with all family members.

Why not try some new meals for your family this week?