Emu Export Pulled Pork recipe by CheatMeats - Linley Valley Pork

Emu Export Pulled Pork recipe by CheatMeats

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The people have spoken! Due to popular demand we bring you this juicy, smoky pulled pork recipe featuring an iconic Western Australian brew by the team at CheatMeats.

As if melt in your mouth, low-n-slow pulled pork couldn’t get any better, the bitterness from the beer takes this recipe to new heights that are genuinely worth the wait.

Cook Time
8 hours

1.5kg Linley Valley Pork scotch
4 tbsp American mustard
1/2 cup CheatMeats BBQ Pork Rub
1 can Emu Export Beer

Preheat smoker to 120ºC.

Generously apply a thin layer of American mustard to all surfaces of the pork, then sprinkle your favourite barbecue pork rub to completely coat.

Place in the smoker at 120ºC for 4 hours. Transfer to a foil barbecue tray and pour in a full can of Emu Export. Wrap tightly with foil and continue smoking for a further 3 hours.

Once the pork reaches an internal temperature of approximately 93ºC and is probing tender, remove from the smoker and allow to rest for 1 hour.

Remove the foil and pull the pork into delicious, juicy chunks.

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