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Gordon Ramsay wowed by Linley Valley Pork

By June 16, 2022April 17th, 2024No Comments

When you cook a deliciously tender pork belly, you expect the family will be asking for seconds. So we knew the video by our friends at CheatMeats cooking a Linley Valley pork-loaded porchetta (big enough to feed a family for a week) was going to be popular.

The ultimate in meal prep, the video demonstrates how to prepare a porchetta of epic proportions by scoring the generous pork belly, adding tenderloin, garlic, spice mix and bay leaves, before rolling and seasoning and cooking it in the oven, to reveal crispy crackle and juicy, tender meat. 

We were right about our customers loving the video when it was first posted on social media, but we were absolutely thrilled when multi-Michelin starred chef, the one-and-only Gordon Ramsay, shared the video (along with his commentary) on TikTok.

Gordon was clearly wowed by the creation, exclaiming: ’50 Shades of Pork!’ while watching the pork belly being rolled. He commented that the tenderloin would be overcooked by the time the pork belly was cooked, but when it came to cutting of the porchetta, he looked ecstatic about how juicy the final product was: ‘Oh it’s juicy! It’s juicy! 50 Shades of Juice!’. 

Since Gordon’s video was posted, the video has received 10.8M views and over 3.9K comments on the gordonramsayofficial account – and the views keep growing! If you haven’t seen the video yet, do yourself a favour and check it out at the following video.

The video is sure to make you smile (and inspire you to cook this amazing pork dish). If Gordon Ramsay is impressed, we know you will be too! 

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