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Celebrating 100 Years of Craig Mostyn Group

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Craig Mostyn Group, the name behind Linley Valley Pork is celebrating 100 years as a dynamic, thriving, family business. Founded in 1923, the Group is now Western Australia’s largest vertically integrated pork, lamb, and beef business, and also farms abalone in Victoria and Tasmania.

George Craig and Robert L. Mostyn, young men who saw action on the battlefields of Europe during The First World War, returned to Australia with a determination to build a prosperous nation and improve the lives of their countrymen. Their drive took them beyond just feeding Australia to becoming pioneers who cultivated world-class produce.

George Craig and Robert L. Mostyn fishing

Linley Valley Pork, a premium product sourced and produced in Western Australia, has been raising and processing the finest pork for more than 30 years. The company takes great pride in rewarding customers with the ultimate flavor experience, providing only the finest, freshest quality pork with integrity and care.

Diversification and Expansion

In the mid-2000s, Craig Mostyn Group made a strategic shift, primarily focusing on protein production. This allowed the company to consolidate its position as a leading provider of premium pork both domestically and in international markets.

Looking Towards the Future

As Craig Mostyn Group enters its second century of operation, the company remains committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and growth. With a focus on expanding into international markets, particularly in Asia, Craig Mostyn Group aims to strengthen its position as a trusted and preferred supplier of premium pork.

Join us in celebrating the 100-year centenary of Craig Mostyn Group, a milestone that showcases the rich history, pioneering spirit, and commitment to excellence that have defined this remarkable family business. Linley Valley Pork, as part of Craig Mostyn Group, will continue to provide families in Australia and around the world with the finest, freshest, and most flavourful pork, produced with integrity and care.

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