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How a Sunday Roast brings the Family Together

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How a Sunday roast brings the family together.  

Traditionally, the Sunday roast lunch used to be something that was never missed. Unfortunately, I must admit, this is not something that is religiously scheduled in at our house. Life is busy. On weekends, we ferry the kids to their various sports and activities, do the food shopping and try to catch up with friends. Sundays simply aren’t church, chores and the family roast as it was for our grandparents.

However, although it might not always be on a Sunday, we are trying to have a roast at least once every few weeks. We have realised that there is something particularly special about the family roast.

Firstly, it is something that every person in the family helps prepare. Unlike the mid-week quick and easy dinner that I often start prepping after work as I am simultaneously supervising the kids doing their homework, when it comes to preparing a family roast the kids will go outside and choose some vegetables or the herbs from the vegetable patch. They are also getting more confident peeling and cutting vegetables, which is a job they always enjoy. 

Some years ago, my husband mastered making delicious gravy from scratch, so that job always goes to him in the prep of the family roast.  

It is also a meal when the recipes from family are remembered and used. A roast dinner in my house is never complete without cheesy broccoli with crunchy croutons that my mum would always make when I was growing up. Dessert is always a rice pudding, following a hand-written recipe from my great grandmother.

And although sometimes the eating of our meals might be staggered depending on our busy schedules, we will always eat a roast dinner together at a beautifully-set table. Cooking a roast is often the perfect excuse to invite my parents over for a meal, so it usually becomes an extended family affair.

Everyone chats as they fill their plates and there is never any complaints about what is served, because with a roast there is always something that each person loves. It is a social yet relaxing experience as everyone clinks glasses and passes around platters of food. We all slow down, appreciate what we are eating and the effort that went into it, and (most importantly) we enjoy each other’s company.

A family roast is usually also followed by dessert (which isn’t something we have every day in our house) and of course, a cup of tea or coffee. 

It might not be every week and it might not be on a Sunday, but no matter when, the family roast is always a loving, warm, and satisfying family meal.

What do you enjoy most about your family Sunday roast?

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